How We Met: Joelle's Version

It was September of 2013 and I was finishing up undergrad at NC State. I remember getting back to my apartment one day to find my roommate, Brooke, hosting a few students for a Christian Mentoring Association meeting on campus. Jarami was sitting on the couch and at some point asked to borrow my laptop since his had died. He seemed pretty nice, so I let him use it. I recall thinking that I'd never seen him before, compared to everyone else in the room that I had recognized. The second time he came over for a meeting, he lingered afterward and struck up conversation with me. I thought it was sweet and I appreciated how he took interest in really getting to know who I was and what I was about. Brooke then began to play matchmaker and told me all about how great of a guy he was. He'd also slid in my DMs some time a week or so later (the man was persistent!) and asked about my blog and fashion ambitions. We wound up running into each other again at a house party where he asked for my number. We hit it off immediately and from the jump, I admired how kind and genuine he was. Our first time hanging out, we ate at Chipotle and went to do homework at the library. While we were conversing, he let me know that he really liked me and that he was ready to "settle down." I was feeling him too, but felt unsure of starting a relationship since I was planning on moving to NYC that December. I expressed my concern about the distance and he responded with, "You're worth it." Jarami has held fast to that mindset throughout our relationship, and I couldn't have asked for a better man to spend the rest of my life with!

videography by Jo'V King + video editing by Gabrielle Purifoy

Jarami's Version.

I remember those days just as vividly!  I attended that meeting at Brooke's apartment in pretty bummy attire (a baggy shirt and basketball shorts to be exact).  I would've showed up a lot smoother if I had known my world was about to change forever as I encountered the future love of my life for the first time.  To this day, I remember how I felt when Joelle walked through that door. Immediately, I knew she was special.  Something was different about her - from her kind smile to the wisdom in her voice as she spoke to the younger girls about her faith.   It didn't take me long to realize that Joelle was the one for me.  After prayer and a little mustering up of courage, I boldly shared my feelings and honest intentions with her.  I wanted her to know that I was serious about getting to know her.  I told her that if it was God's will for us to date, then great, but if not, I know I gained an awesome friend.

For the next couple of months, every time Joelle's name was mentioned, I couldn't help smiling from ear to ear.  Every time I was in her presence, butterflies suddenly decided to party in my stomach.  Playlists full of hip hop quickly disappeared at the hand of John Legend's "Love in the Future" album. My boys were patient with me through all my cheesiness. For those first couple of weeks, I went completely ghost.  They would catch me from time to time with bouquets of flowers and treats as I orchestrated romantic dates and thoughtful surprises for her throughout the week.  My family thought I was crazy (i.e. "You've only known her for 4 weeks." ....."You're moving mighty fast!")!  That's all I heard those days, but hey! I knew what I had and I wanted to do every single thing in my power to show Joelle that she was special and absolutely worth it.

On October 24th, 2013, I asked her to be my girlfriend at the top of the ferris wheel at the NC State Fair, and the rest was history!